(Information subject to change without notice)

$15.00 regular admission

$12.00 for seniors 60 or over and military in uniform

$5.00 for students with valid ID

PLEASE NOTE: If you email or call the same day as a performance, we will be unlikely to reply with confirmations. We may all be busy setting up the performance space, working another job or just unable to respond. However, we will always make every effort to ensure you have a seat. We have not turned anyone away yet. (Although we occassionally have to dust off a few extra chairs.)


Groups of 10 or more, $12 each, plus two free seats

ALSO, we participate in the “Cell Phones for Soldiers” program. Bring in your old cell phone as a donation and we’ll give you $3 off the regular admission price of $15. The cell phones are processed, with profits going to buy phone cards for our soliders overseas to help them stay in touch with home.


  • There is open seating for all productions.
  • The performance space typically holds about 50 persons.
  • Dress casually and come to enjoy challenging and stimulating theatre.
  • Is there a message, a hidden meaning in what we do? No, not really, it’s all pretty much up front. That’s the idea of theatre, really, you take from it what your experience allows.
  • We offer thought-provoking, socially conscious productions. They are not preachy.
  • Some plays may contain themes or language suitable for mature audiences. As adults, we have our own challenges. Theatre is a safe environment in which to see how playwrights confront these fears, situations or uncertainties and resolve them.

While we do not currently use a phone line or reservation system, please address any question or comment to:


Also, we do not actually have tickets, thus we do not have advance ticket sales. This is alternative theatre. Sometimes you have to think differently…

We also don’t currently accept credit cards in payment. We might barter, if you have something we really like, or need for the theatre, but cash helps us pay the royalties, space rental, playbill production and everything else. The actors, tech staff, directors and others are all volunteers.

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