Gettysburg Stage currently has no home of its own.

We’re interested in exploring the use of performance spaces in the Gettysburg area, but we will consider anything reasonable (did I mention cheap — free is even better?).

Let us know if you have a suitable space. Especially if it’s free or low-cost. After all, we are a non-profit theatre, trying to bring affordable, challenging theatre to residents and visitors alike. If you’re still thinking about our productions the day after you were in the audience, we’ve done our job!

If you have a hall, stage, gym or other possible performance site available, please let us know about availability. If you have lighting and sound already in place, that’s even better!

We’ll consider senior citizen centers, schools, restaurants with performance space, theatrical spaces that are between shows, etc. As we line up our repertory of productions, we would like to identify some of the other possible performance venues.

Remember – live theatre, local folks with extensive theatrical and film backgrounds!

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